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The Muffin MastersEdit

It all started when our muffin-obsessed friend had an idea. Look at us now.

This is a RPG wiki, for those of you who don't know what that means, it means Role Playing Game.

An RPG is where you create fictional characters, items, and quests, and complete the quests.

Anyone can create a character, so join along!

Rules and guidelines.Edit

How to get started.

To create a Character on the wiki, follow this page's instructions


When making a character, note that offensive names, backstories, or other things are NOT aloud and will be deleted, and the maker banned.

In chat, no swearing and no spamming, and you will be live to see another day.


To go on a quest, ask a quest master, and they will approve or disapprove. To go on a quest, you must go on the quest before it.